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10 Best Recommended Balinese Food

Indonesia with their thousands of islands with different cultures no wonder as heaven of food with their diversity of food. To complement the holiday experience on Bali, you would not want to miss out on its assortment of dishes.

Most people plan their holiday to Bali for the sun and beach, so other we believe culinary people will love to know what is popular food in balinese. Bali island well known as place for surf , wellness, yoga, outdoor activities and off course they have amazing food and heaven of foodie.

Here the list of popular food in Bali

Munching and Munching guys !

1. Sate

Is a dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat with serve sauce. Satay may consist of diced, slice or menaced meat of chicken, pork, beef, lamb. the more authentic version use the midrib of the coconut palm frond or lemongrass stick to make the aroma more savory.

2. Lawar

Mixtures of the vegetables and minced meat evenly spiced from Bali. Sometimes in some types of lawar given an element that can add to the taste of the lawar, namely blood from the meat itself. Lawar may consist of diced, slice or menaced meat of chicken, pork, beef. Lawar is served as a friend of rice with other types of side dishes.

3. Babi Guling

A kind of food made from female pig and or male child whose stomach is filled with herbs and vegetables such as cassava leaves and then baked until cooked with a marked change in skin color to brown and crispy. Initially guling pigs were originally used for ceremonies but now guling pigs have been sold as dished in stalls, restaurants, and even certain hotels in Bali and others.

4. Nasi Campur Ayam

Culinary in Bali is truly endless, Bali besides being known for its paradise island is also a paradise for lovers of good food. One of the typical Balinese foods is rice mixed with chicken with herbs and flavors full of spices. In addition to the delicious taste of mixed Balinese rice, besides containing carbohydrates, it is also equipped with protein and fiber presented in one package.

5. Bebek Betutu or Ayam Betutu

Bebek Betutu or Ayam Betutu is a typical food from Bali which quite famous. This hunted by culinary lover while traveling to Bali. The cooking of the Betutu its unique, start clean duck they will channel with special spiced they call Base Genep then cover and wrap with Areca nut. Cook by boiled or burned to produce a distinctive aroma.

6. Tum Ayam or babi

Widely liked by all ages, from children to adults. No wonder many restaurants in Bali have made it a mainstay menu. This one is a special dish from Bali Tum Chicken or Babi, its mixtures minced or cube meat with spiced and grated coconut in Banana leaf. Usually served on the special occasion or ceremony in Bali but out the possibility that it is also served as a daily meal in the homes of Balinese people.

7. Jimbaran Seafood

Be on your must visit places for your Bali holiday, special for the seafood lover. They got fresh seafood direct grilled with the special sauce. Beside of the enjoy nice acoustic music and enjoy of the sunset with overlooking white sandy beach.

8. Rujak Kuah Pindang

Rujak is Indonesian fruit salad with traditional dressing. Balinese’s take on the traditional dessert is rather quirky compared to others. They call “Rujak Kuah Pindang” use their abundant seafood product to enhance their rujak’s flavor. So in rujak kuah pindang using mix of fruit and then they using tuna and other spices to create the dressing. You’d never thought that fruits and seafood could go along that well.

9. Laklak

Balinese traditional cake made from rice flour, grated coconut and topping with brown sugar sauce. Laklak got their green color from pandan leaf, its special color for this cake in Bali. Laklak can be enjoyed with morning coffee, afternoon tea, or sweet dessert.

10. Klepon

The typical balinese food is found in many market vendors in Bali. Snack made from sticky rice flour are small round and contain brown sugar in it sweet, and grated coconut, chewy with brown sugar melted on the tongue.

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