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Best Place For Seafood Lover

Holiday to Bali can’t be separated from the beautiful beach. When you to got the beach, you should not miss tasting the delicacy of the seafood of Bali. Restaurant or seafood stalls are easily found in various corner in Bali.

Here the list we sharing for the best meal seafood in Bali

1. Kisik Bar and Grill

The Ayana Resort have their five-star seafood culinary experience with Bali’s magical sunsets for the backdrop. They offer the best in oceanfront dining, and facing the Indian Ocean. Feast on locally sourced and imported seafood, or customize your order with lobster, prawn, calamari, and deep sea fish, grilled just the way you like it.

2. Warung Ampibhia

One of good location for the seafood lover enjoy their meal. One to add to your list of venues to visit Bali. The best food to had for your holiday. Had the fresh whole seafood, both which were cooked perfectly. Sat on the beach with cold beer, beautiful view and great food being prepared and cooked freshly for you.

3. Sambal Shrimp and bar

With architecture design its shown about Indonesian, make the customer feel cozy and homily. They serve many original seafood menus especially on shrimp with high quality standard and only used live and fresh prawns for every menu. Bar counter which is serve many wine collected from every country, spirit and cocktails which has best taste and ingredients.

4. Bawang Merah beachfront Restaurant

Seat on the shady sea terrace or at a private beach table over viewing Jimbaran Bay. Scenic view, delicious food, romantic sunsets at beachfront and dining on the beach. Enjoy fresh seafood or non seafood such as Bali duck, chicken, beef or vegetarian.

5. Seasalt

Inspired by its spectacular oceanfront setting and seasoned specialists in making the most of our sunshiny weekends, and the locally harvested sea salt. Strolling around the Seminyak area make Seasalt the most favorite in area. Seasalt dining experience with a dash of Japanese infusion, exciting palates with an enticing taste of the sea in their fresh seafood selection.

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