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10 Best Restaurant in Ubud

Beautiful work to centre of Ubud and look around search for your favorite things. We believe impingiment on culinary tours will satisfy yours.

Culinary people will love it, it,s no secret again Ubud known as base of many best restaurant. Here our list of best restaurant in Ubud.

Happy munching !

1. Kubu at Mandapa,

About : soothing voices from the water and tropical view with breeze set mood make feel enjoyable at Kubu restaurant.

Cuisines : Medditeranian, European

Specialty diet : Vegetarian,  Vegan options, Gluten free options

Meals : Dinner

2. Kepitu Restaurant

About : Kepitu name taken by placed on next to it. The restaurant panoramic with juggle landscape over the valley give stunning view on it. Have romance feel with your love one and enjoy the memorable time.

Cuisines : Asian, European, Indonesian

Specialty diet : vegetarian,  vegan options, gluten free options

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch

3. Blanco Par Mandif

About : is a gastronomy gem that will impress ones who able to find them. Craftsmanship in redefining Indonesia cuisine it’s passion from their culture.

Cuisines : Indonesian, Contemporary

Specialty diet : Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options

Meals : Lunch, Dinner

4. Mozaic Restaurant

About : Collaboration between ingredients from the islands of Indonesia to French cuisine and beautiful presentation. Now  they well known as one of the best dining experience in Bali, whole of Asia, and World

Cuisines : French, Indonesian

Specialty diet : vegetarian, gluten options, vegan options.

Meals : Dinner

5. Bridges Bali

About : Set memorable dining with overlooking pos river and the bridges one of ubud destination. A glass of wine with your love one, good friend, and indulge yourself.

Cuisines : International, Indonesian, Contemporary, Wine bar

Specialty diet : vegan options, gluten free options, vegetarian options

Meals : Lunch, Dinner, Late Night, Drink

6. Wildberry Sushi Cafe Ubud

About : Don’t know where to go for your have lunch or dinner in Ubud? Get In and taste out burger, pasta, steak or our sushi. So many cafes and shops along the way, please make a stop at Wildberry cafe and try their sushi burger.

Cuisines : Japanese, Asian, Indonesian

Meals : Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Drink

7. Padi Fine Dining

About : Dining at Padi is both fine and exclusive dining. Bring fine dining the a menu emphasizing vegetarian and pesco-vegetarian dishes. Overlooking tropical jungle and natural river.

Cuisines : Seafood, Healthy, Dinner

Specialty diet : Gluten free options, Vegan options, Vegetarian

Meals : Dinner, Drink

8. Lumbung Restaurant Ubud

About : Surrounded by green scenery of rice paddy and river under the bridge. An authentic Indonesia culinary serve with best Indonesian ingredients and with special cooking techniques 

Cuisines : Indonesian, Contemporary

Specialty diet : Halal, Gluten free options, Vegetarian, Vegan Options

Meals : Lunch, Dinner, Drink

9. Batubara

About : Holla amigo they bring an Argentinian cuisine to Ubud with a Mediterranean influence using traditional methods and an exclusively wood fired grill.

Cuisines : Steakhouse, Argentinean, South American

Speciality diet : Gluten free 

Meals : Dinner

10. OIA Greek & Mediterranean

About : OIA is one of the most instagrammable restaurant that has unique interior design. Authentic Greek and Mediterranean dishes with Italian influence comes to ubud.

Cuisines : Italian, Mediterranean, Greek, Grill

Speciality diet : Gluten free options

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch 

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