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MEMORABLE DAY IN SANUR Eat, Sleep, Party Sanur is beautiful beachside town on Bali’s east coast. Located within the vicinity of Denpasar, the capital of Bali, Sanur is a 20 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport. There are many well signposted exit points from the main road into the heart of Sanur. Allow about […]


Eat, Sleep, Party

Sanur is beautiful beachside town on Bali’s east coast. Located within the vicinity of Denpasar, the capital of Bali, Sanur is a 20 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport. There are many well signposted exit points from the main road into the heart of Sanur. Allow about 30 minutes driving time from Kuta or Legian, about 45 minutes from Seminyak or Ubud and 15 minutes from downtown Denpasar. Sanur is also well serviced by shuttle buses and bemos from the north and south and also from Denpasar’s Tegal Terminal

Popular known for it’s beaches, water sports, culture and it’s laid back atmosphere. This is a great destination for a family holiday. A great holiday where there are nice beaches, but less of a party atmosphere.

If you’re planning your Bali trip and have Sanur in mind keep reading to see some of our favorite things to do in Sanur. This coastal town is sleepy when compared to many of the other coastal Bali destinations like Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu. That said there are plenty of amazing experiences and things to do Sanur.

Let’s start with sunrise, that seems logical. It may mean an early alarm on your holiday but we think it is worth it to go to the beach for sunrise. There will only be a couple of photographers and perhaps someone raking the sand in front of a hotel. Peaceful, and a start to the day that will make you feel amazing. The Sanur Boardwalk is a paved walk that follows the beach. You can use this walk as a beach spot scouting mission or just enjoy being by the water. Walk for as much or as little as you feel like. We have had no issue at any point of the walk to find a taxi, just head back towards the main road.

I really suggest if you go to the Sanur by don’t miss to visit a lots of beautiful beaches in Sanur. Even though the beaches in Sanur may be referred to as Sanur Beach, it is actually a few beaches that make up this part of the coast. Some parts are more swimmable than others, but follow the boardwalk, find your spot and enjoy some beach time. It is a nice, relaxed beach to spend the day. Depending on where you stop, there should always be food, drinks and toilets (in the restaurants) nearby. Like many beach destinations in Bali, you can get excited by a few different watersports here. So if just walking or lounging on the beach is not enough action for you then Jet sky, windsurfing and stand up paddle boarding are just the beginning.


In 1906 the northern part of Sanur Beach was used as the landing site for the Dutch invasion troops during the intervention in Bali. During World War II, Sanur was again the entry point through which the Japanese forces landed to occupy Bali Island.


Located within the vicinity of Denpasar, the capital of Bali, Sanur is a 20 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport. There are many well signposted exit points from the main road into the heart of Sanur. Allow about 30 minutes driving time from Kuta or Legian, about 45 minutes from Seminyak or Ubud and 15 minutes from downtown Denpasar. Sanur is also well serviced by shuttle buses and bemos from the north and south and also from Denpasar’s Tegal Terminal.



When Sanur is in your mind, the first thing will through your mind is Beach. Sanur has many beautiful beaches which is located very close by each others. It is a nice, relaxed beach to spend the day. You can use this walk as a beach spot scouting mission or just enjoy being by the water.

Sanur Beach is famous tourism beach in Bali. Sanur Beach is also known as Sunrise Beach (Matahari Terbit). This place is located in east of Denpasar. This beach has fairly calm waves, Sanur Beach is can not be used for surfing like Kuta Beach as we know. Not far off Sanur Beach, there are also diving and snorkeling locations. Because of this location to the east of Bali, Sanur is the right location to enjoy the sunrise. Sanur beach called Matahari Terbit because the sunrise scenery is very beautiful when seen from this beach.

Along of the beach, now it has been built a kind of small cottage which could be a place to waiting for the sun to rise. In addition, the waves on this beach are relatively quieter, so it is suitable for children’s beach recreation and is not dangerous.

You can also see the sunrise by swimming on the beach. Some of these coastal areas have exotic white sand. The one more good things is when you come in the afternoon, this beach is not less good because equipped with a protective tree, you can sit while enjoying the beach scenery so you do not need to worries of overheating when stay on the beach.

One of oldest hotel in Bali named Ina Grand Bali Beach which is located on seashore and this hotel is the first five star hotel in Bali. There are also pedestrian area which is often used as a jogging track so tourists can exercise while enjoying the beach scenery in the morning or cycling on this area. To reach this beach, you just pin your destination go to Sanur Beach then all things you have to done here.


Blanjong Temple is located in Intaran Village, Sanur and nearby the historical sites National Heritage inscription Blanjong. This temple is houses one of Bali’s oldest known artefacts in the form of a stone pillar with Sanskrit inscriptions. This stone pillar was believed to be some sort of victory monument, chiefly of King Sri Kesari Warmadewa, who on a conquest visited Bali in the 10th century and installed what was probably Bali’s first formal government. In addition to the inscribed pillar, other relics at the Blanjong site include sandstone statues, such as the Hindu lord Ganesh and several animal figures. The beauty of the architecture can also be seen on the building shaped like a monument in the northeastern part of the Pura Blanjong area. 


During your holiday in Bali especially in Sanur, I recommend you to try water sports activities in Bali. Sanur Bali Sea Walker is one of way to enjoy a beautiful marine life with minimum equipment and consider as best outdoor water recreation in Bali. Sanur Bali Sea Walker is located in Puri Santrian Hotel Sanur. The sea walker staff will show you the video to do sea walk. The sea walker staff will monitor your underwater, participants escorted back to the surface.

The underwater tours take approximately 30 minutes, and the standard package usually includes hotel transfers for a minimum of two persons, refreshments and soft drinks, Seawalker gear, Japanese standard safety equipment, certified and experienced guides and insurance coverage. The Seawalker tours can be enjoyed by all ages from 10 years up. No diving experience or swimming skills are necessary. The tour is an eye-opener for those with no prior underwater experience, and it also provides participants the opportunity to interact with marine life.

Do not forget to bring clothes appropriate for swimming and sun lotion complete with a change clothes to use after marine walk activities. Also please bring extra money if you want to buy a drink or your ocean walker photo and video.

  • Visit The Sanur Night Market (Sindhu Markets Sanur)

The Sanur Night Market is one of main evening haunts for hungry locals and international visitors in Sanur. The market is located in Jalan Danau Tamblingan, Sanur, Denpasar Selatan. By night, usually around 6pm, it provides a sensory experience with its local food stalls opening up and meals on wheels rolling in. Sanur Night Market is a culinary place that presents a simple display and impression for visitors. In this place you will be presented with a culinary choice variety. There are at least 30 places to eat inside the market area. The night market situation will become more crowded at 8pm up because of the visitors who want to find dinner in this market with low budget. The price range is offer less than 1 USD you will got delicious balinese dessert that will  This market is the best alternative when you confused spending time at night in Sanur. Especially if you bored with café atmosphere, visiting Sanur Night Market can be an interesting way for you guys.

  • Casablanca

Casablanca Sanur is one of the coolest spots to gather with friends for a Sanur evening. Casablanca Sanur is a fun restaurant and bar with live music every night. This place is where you you can enjoy one of the liveliest nightlife scenes in this otherwise quite beach resort area on Bali’s south-eastern coast. Located on the main Sanur route of Jalan Danau Tamblingan, this gig spot features live music nightly with different band and different genre each night and absolutely could enjoy by all people and generations. Casablanca Sanur is open at 10am until 12 pm. It serves breakfasts, lunch and dinners by day, and shifts into nightlife mode for dinners. The restaurant and bar presents live evening entertainment. Great local bands take to its stage with a different set and a big variety of music styles every night – they also play requests to suit the majority audience on the night. The music is good and not too loud so you can still have a comfortable conversation. A bar with friendly bartenders offers a great beer selection, together with cocktails and mixes, and whenever you feel peckish throughout the evening, its great late night pizzas and snacks are ready to back you up. ‎

  • Arena Pub & Restaurant

Arena Pub & Restaurant is one of Sanur’s best entertainment and nightlife venues, located on the bypass. Arena features a pub and bar that’s great for gatherings, and features one of the island’s best stocked bars together with a reasonably priced wine list. Happy hours are from 16:00, with ‘buy one, get one free’ offers on selected beers. It stocks international beers as well as local all-time favorites such as Bintang. Friday nights feature live music performances from 22:00 onwards, as well as pool competitions. It is also a great place to view live sports matches and Formula 1 races with its dedicated big screens.

  • Jazz Bar & Grill

Jazz Bar & Grill is a great place to eat, serving Mexican and Mediterranean food and international selections, and it is also one of the island’s premier hubs for Indonesian jazz players since opening in 1999. Jamming sessions take place on Thursday and Saturday evenings from 22:00; and guests are welcome to take the mic to show their talents. The roster usually comprises jazz, Latin and blues bands nightly and a dance floor invites patrons to get loose while plenty of lounging areas make for a cozy respite in between.


When you want a place that giving you a things that show that’s Bali’s icon, I suggest you to visit this Monument because in this place you can learn about Balinese war history. This monument just 10 minutes by scooter located from Sanur. This is a impressive monument in Denpasar, that is definitely worth to visit. In the top of building, the amazing view of Denpasar and Sanur will impress you. This monument has the history as a symbol of the preservation soul, struggle of Balinese people from generation to generation and from the time to time. The location of this monument is located in front of Regional Head of Bali Province which is also located exactly at Puputan Renon Field. This monument has a wide area and there are several soccer fields around it.


This mangrove forest is in Suwung Kauh area, Denpasar, Bali precisely on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai. If you are confused to reach this tourist object, If you are from Sanur go towards Ngurah Rai Airport, this mangrove located on the left Bypass side before Simpang Dewa Ruci. Mangrove forest presents natural nuance and leisure, good for relaxing and also good for psychological and health. Mangrove forest has important functional for coastal environment especially when there are high sea wave, the mangrove will hold back the wave headed to coastal land. This mangrove forest is open at 08:00 – 18:00 with parking fee 2000 IDR. The entrance fee of mangrove forest for domestic and foreign tourists is different. The domestic tourist charges 10.000 IDR/pax for adults and 5000 IDR/pax for child. The foreign tourist charges 200.000 IDR/pax for adults and 50.000 IDR/pax. Besides being well-known as recreation place, this mangrove forest is also famous as a favorite place to take prewedding photos. If you’re interesting to take prewedding photo here, the ticket will be different with normally ticket and it will charge around 500.000 – 1.000.000 IDR.


Sanur as the tourism object and being one of famous place in Bali, this place presents festival for everyone who loves Bali of cultures, foods, music, dance, performance, and many more. You can find and come to Sanur or while you visit Sanur, go to these festival that will amaze yourself.

  • Sanur Village Festival.

Sanur Village Festival presents unique of Balinese element which has different theme every year and absolutely brings Balinese spirit of tourism, art and culture. This annual festival brings event and arts with variety of cultures, foods, water sports and environment awareness. This festival helds on Matahari Terbit (Sunrise) Beach seashore on August and helds around 4 or 5 days. Sanur Village Festival is being the most awaited festival because of this festival presents contemporary art which includes body paintings, photography exhibition, fruits carvings competition who participated by hotel in Sanur or tourism student and there are a lot of challenging competition for hotelier. Located 25 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport, 30 minutes from Kuta Beach, and just 15 minutes from Denpasar main town, the visitor who want a know and participated this event will amaze by the wide field with a lot foods stand which offers Balinese food or restaurant cuisine with range rate around IDR 40.000,- you can get good food with good place or just enjoy unique drinks and strolling around the stand. Foods lover will get the great opportunity to try Balinese cuisine in the bazzar with traditional food more standing than international food.

  • Bali Kite Festival

Bali Kite Festival is an annual international festival helds every July at Padang Galak area, Sanur, Bali. This festival presents giant and wide kite with traditional unique concept. The kite has 4 meters in width and 10 meters length) and more than it. Every banjar or village in Denpasar will compete each others and be a one team each banjar. This festival will amaze you because of the giant kite presents communal ‘banjar’ youth group around 10 – 15 peoples, who will fly the kite and yell out the event hilarious. There are so much name of kite or in Balinese called ‘layangan’ and the most popular is ‘layangan janggan’ that has impressive flowing ribbon tails over reach around 100 meters or more in length. There also ‘layangan bé’ means fish kite. Some kites are even fitted with sound instrument in the form vibrating bows called ‘guwang’. These generate a resonating hum that can be heard from far. If you missed out this festival at Padang Galak, every village or called banjar in Sanur has own kite festival held annually. You can come to the other festival in Mertasari Beach and usually this place will be the best place to held Kite Festival and also usually held between July – August. Don’t miss also ‘lumpia’ around the beach while enjoy this kite festival. Enjoy Bali’s windy season sights and sounds!


Sanur might not be the first place you think of when you think in Bali. When staying in Sanur I think its pretty important to stay either on the beach or not too far from it. Some accommodation option in Sanur are located further away from the beach on the other side of the highway. So where to stay in Sanur ? Here’s our Sanur accommodation guide to help you choose . . .

  1. Artotel Sanur

Funky four-star Artotel is sure to delight lovers of contemporary art and architecture. Sculptural kite-inspired panels adorn the facade of the impressive multi-storey corner building, positioned just three minutes’ saunter from the sea. Matahari Terbit beach is 3.9 km from Artotel Sanur, Serangan Turtle Island is 5 km away. Ngurah Rai International Airport is 11 km from Artotel Sanur – Bali.

  • The Alantara Sanur

The Alantara Sanur managed by Pramana Experience management based in Bali offers the beautiful concept featuring an unique outdoor swimming pool. This hotel offers a cozy with charm atmosphere at elegance place in Jalan Tirta Ening, Sanur. You can explore the iconic Sanur Beach by 5 minutes only, and 20 minutes drive to Ngurah Rai International Airport. This is best hotel for your honeymoon experience and celebrate honeymoon escape filled with romantic entitlements. This hotel offers car and bike hire at a fee and located in the affordable area.

  • Maya Resort Resort & Spa

Maya Sanur Resort & Spa is located Jalan Danau Tamblingan No. 89M, Sanur. Maya Resort Sanur offers modern beachfront getaway. Taking the reins as Sanur’s most monumental landmark, five-star Maya’s striking contemporary architecture is certainty conspicuous in the centre of somewhat staid Sanur. Rooms are spacious and luxurious with modern decor. Teak floors and furniture add warmth and the ambience is comfortable and inviting. Amenities will meet five-star expectations, complete with all the newfangled technology you’ll desire. It takes 25 minutes drive from the hotel to Kuta Beach.

  • Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali

Located in tranquil Sanur, with spectacular coral views and waving palm trees, white sand beaches and tempting turquoise waters. Fairmont Sanur Beach features a stunning tropical garden and semi private beach. Known as the Island of the Gods and Dawn of the World because of its rare and charming beauty, Indonesia’s rich culture in Bali and its friendly people make it one of the most sought-after international luxury destinations. Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali is a world-class all-suite-and-villa resort set amidst four hectares of lush tropical gardens. Bosting luxury and comport, suites in this hotel come with traditional Balinese décor and a living are with view. Only 30 minutes from the Ngurah Rai International Airport and 5 minutes drive from Grand Bali Beach Golf Course.

  • Puri Santrian Beach Resort & Spa

Puri Santrian Beach Resort and Spa is a 4 star beach resort located at Jalan Cemara No 35, Sanur. A half-hours transfer east from the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Tuban, and southeast from the islands capital of Denpasar. The resort, owned by one of Sanur’s royal families with Balinese heritage is reflected through its design and throughout the resorts. Besides a collection of guestrooms in two wings that each offer different views, it also comprises the The Santrian Club, a secluded and private part of the resort offering privilege services and facilities. The rooms at Puri Santrian are elegantly decorate with spectacular outdoor pool views to the beach.

  • Prama Sanur Beach

Prama Sanur Beach Bali (previously Sanur Beach Hotel Bali) is a legendary five-star Sanur resort that is located on the southern end of Sanur main street of Jalan Danau Tamblingan.It is within a half-hour transfer from Kuta and the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Tuban, 45 minutes to Nusa Dua, and 20 minutes north to the provincial capital of Denpasar. The hotels great beachfront location offers a quiet retreat away from the crowds, and the rows of street side art and souvenir stalls, international restaurants and cafes are within walking distance from the hotel. The livelier nightlife scenes are best enjoyed in the Kuta and Legian areas, which is a half-hours taxi ride from Sanur. Water sports activities are available at the beach. The hotel also has volleyball courts and a Kid’s club.

And still there are so much hotel in Sanur and it is depend on your budget. Happy trying J


Well of course. You need to eat. Whether it be local Indonesian or Balinese food or feeling like an Italian, fix Sanur has you covered. Because Sanur has the beautiful beach, for you foodies who walk on the beach, please be kind to try the Balinese local food name ‘LUMPIA PASIH’ or well known spring roll it’s same made from common ingredients but on the beach I believe you will find the local trader who sell this food strolling around with simple presentation and it’s only IDR 5000 will experience your tastes. If you want to experience Sanur’s food by the beach, don’t miss this famous simple food. But still there are some really authentic local options when it comes to where to eat in Sanur.

  1. Art Café Sanur

Art Café Sanur is located on Jalan Danau Tamblingan, is open daily and continues to serve its loyal clients with all-day breakfasts, lunch and dinners, with an expanded menu featuring innovative dishes. This restaurant has an unique concept and gergeous place to make the perfect picture backdrop to your picture. The hole café looks really chic with earthy tones combined with striking colors. This place is so much more than just a restaurant because here you will feel like in the complete place to relax for a while from your busy activity. Get the free Wi-Fi here then get good sensation with your food and drink selection. The menu covers many different tastes and the great collection of cocktails and wines make for a great night out. Selections include curries, pepes ikan banana leaf steamed fish, satays, as well as a signature and some of the best Indonesian dishes. International menu items include a variety of dishes featuring available seafood, chicken and beef, as well as a selection of pork and lamb entrees and open at 7am – 11pm.

  • Cafe Batu Jimbar

Cafe Batu Jimbar is located in Jalan Danau Tamblingan No 75A, Sanur open at 08am – 11pm. This is a great place for foodies enjoy with families add to the soothing dining nuance along with live music and Café Batu Jimbar is hard to miss on a trip down Sanur’s Danau Tamblingan street. This café is one of Sanur’s well-known landmarks, comprising a restaurant and a café. The café attract loyal customers to its Indonesian specialties as well as European and Asian cuisine. A great place to start the day with healthy favorites such as whole wheat crepes, it also serves lunch and dinner, with selections Indonesian and International menus.The price range is around IDR 70.000 and up. And this is one of recommend place for your day trip for breakfast.

  • Soul in Bowl Sanur

Soul in Bowl Sanur is located in Jalan Danau Tamblingan only a few minutes walk from the beach where foodies could find the delicious food around the Sanur beach. This restaurant has an urban style feel comparable to many great cafes worldwide. Open seven days a week offers with all day breakfast, lunch and dinner, Soul in Bowl is a place for everyone anytime of day. You can find the bar in the upstairs and this is a perfect area for private groups, meetings, live music and more. This restaurant also offers a casual, colorful, relaxed and treat the foodies with sincerenity.

  • Kopi Bali House

Kopi Bali House is located in Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai. Kopi Bali House is open at 8am – 11pm and here is the best place to eat from breakfast to dinner with affordable price offered. This is one of the most popular coffee shops in Bali and one of the best place to learn about the fine high-grade beans cuntivaned in Bali. This restaurant have a good selection of food and good for your tastes for foodies who having holiday in Sanur. The coffee shop is the offshoot of Kopi Bali, the island’s top coffee producer and distributor of the famous Butterfly Globe brand. The shop features three levels and serves Western and Indonesian dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, together with cakes, pastries and a coffee-orientated drinks list. I suggest to try one of famous coffee choice “kopi luwak” here.

  • Three Monkeys Sanur

Three Monkeys Sanur is located on Sanur’s Jalan Danau Tamblingan open from 11 am – 11 pm, Three Monkeys presents an eclectic choice from its menu, the urban-style extension to its sister rice field-side café in Ubud. This restaurant offers contemporary menu features modern Indonesian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean delights. Plush sofas under a shady terrace and under the shades of white parasols and frangipani overlook the sidewalk and an upper level with air-conditioned indoor dining serves as an alternative option for those who want to escape the heat.


The shopping area in Sanur is divided between three main roads : Jalan Danau Tamblingan, Jalan Mertasari, and the Ngurah Rai bypass road. It is populated with mostly wood based art galleries, selling a range products from antique teak doors to dining furniture arts. Usually you will find a souvenir collection at these three main roads. You can find the market from cheapest and expensive price. Happy Shopping!


Sanur is a gateway to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. Whilst we would highly recommend staying on one of these islands, if all you can fit in is a day trip, then it would still be a great day. There are a couple of fast boat companies that come better reviewed than others. You can use one of the cruises there around the beach that offered you so much cruises. Depending on sea conditions and weather, even though it is a short trip it can still be trough.


Nusa Lembongan is an Island located in the southeastern part of Bali Island and part of the administration area of Klungkung Regency. There is no bridge connecting Bali and Nusa Lembongan because these island separates of the sea, and has a most traffic due to the direct access using a fast boat to this Island. Some refutable fast boats like Bluewater Express, Gili Cat, Semaya One, Ocean Star, and many more. Nusa Lembongan has slowly grown as an tourist thanks to its good surf. The fast boat or ferry leaves multiple times per day from Sanur. If you book a fast boat ticket in advance, often you can have your pick up from the hotel included. This way you can explore all of these cool sports rather than just getting a glimpse at each location.

If you leave from Sanur Beach, using any fast boat or speedboat, then you will arriving in the port of Jungut Batu Nusa Lembongan or Mushroom Bay. Jungut Batu is the central area to get accommodation, restaurants an other tourist activities of Lembongan Island. Travel time using a fast boat about 35 minutes one way from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan. The ticket price is approximately IDR 175.000 one way.


There are Bali Port which you can take a boat to Nusa Penida such as Sanur, Kusamba Port, Padang Bai Port, and Sampalan Beach. Sanur is the most convenient pot of departure because it is near tourist centres in Bali and there are plenty of operators.There are several companies that operate to Nusa Penida from Sanur : Bali Eka Jaya is the biggest one, Marlin, Sugriwa, and Crown. They all takes around 45 minutes. The ticket is approximately IDR 250.000 – 350.000 depending on the company It is best to buy the ticket directly at the port but the tickets usually sell out the night before.

The question now, which ship choice of sea transportation is the best way to get Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida from Sanur ? Of course only you can answer and depend on your criteria. There is also fast boat company or ship choice that could pick you up from the hotel you stay by using the one of luxurious ship company or just simple things come to Sanur Beach and ask to the guide who staying there and they will inform you things of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida include with the best way to get there by the cheapest budget and you could buy directly from there.

  • Keep in Mind –

If the weather is bad, do not take the boat. The ocean can get vicious. Happy Holiday in Sanur.

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