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What Happened In Bali Tourism on Covid 19

Dear Travaler, I am a Balinese and living in Bali since I were born. I am working in the hosoitality industry from 1997. Here I want to share with you about the current Tourism in Bali.

I Believe all of you missed Bali very much but this Covid 19 outbreak has stop the world, but believe you will be here soon experience the beauty of Bali island. The current condition in Bali where all people are doing physical distancing but still doing daily life activities. All hotels and restaurant are closed from 1st April for the full month. Start from May some restaurant start to open home food service.

As for today, Social distancing or physical distancing in Bali will continue until may 29th, the people in villages all over Bali are participating to anticipate the spreading of the outbreak by doing control to every people in and out encourage villager to wash their hands and hand soap as well as hand sanitizer before entering the village. They do disinfectant spraying periodically to all houses of village member.

Wearing masker is a must when going to public facilities, ie traditional market, mart and shops. We believe the outbreak will finish soon, cannot wait to travel soon…

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